Start over

with permanent

makeup removal

Starting Over is Easier Than You Think

Are you unhappy with the results of your permanent makeup? EverYou’s founder, Mariska, also had a bad experience with permanent makeup after visiting an inexperienced beauty salon. It resulted in change of colour, that “smudged” effect and embarrassment to leave her house. Having gone through the ordeal herself, she was determined to find a non-harmful method of permanent makeup removal and make it available to other women in South Africa. Which is why we have partnered with TattooRemoov – to bring this revolutionary pain-free method from France to you.

first ever 100% safe cosmetic makeup removal procedure

We specialise in permanent makeup removal, not body tattoo removal, but may be able to help you with the removal of small tattoos (no bigger than 5 x 8 cm).

Some of our Permanent Makeup Removal

Using TattooRemoov’s miraculous technology, we have guaranteed success in removing permanent makeup from any area on the face; including eyebrows, lips and eyelids. The effects are immediately visible even after the first treatment, and best of all it is completely painless and free of side effects as the equipment we use does not penetrate the skin at all.

Please note: while we remove cosmetic tattoos on eyebrows, lips and the top eyelids, to ensure your safety we do not remove permanent eyeliner from bottom eyelids.

How TattooRemoov Works

We would like to introduce you to the first ever safe cosmetic tattoo removal procedure in South Africa. TattooRemoov is a revolutionary procedure, offering guaranteed results, with no pain, no scarring and no side-effects!

We use a dermo power machine with patented needles (in Catridge88) that are designed to not penetrate the skin – it literally surfs on the surface! This is what ensures the procedure is completely pain-free.

Also, the procedure is completely non-harmful, unlike laser techniques which damage skin tissue. With TattooRemoov there is no danger of ink/pigment being broken down and released into the bloodstream which can be harmful to your health.

After receiving personal training from Linda Paradis, the developer of the patented product Tattoo Remoov, Mariska is a qualified practitioner, trainer and the sole distributor of TattooRemoov products in the country.

Why TattooRemoov is the Best Choice You Can Make

As the only completely non-invasive cosmetic tattoo removal technique, you are not only assured of a pain-free, effective treatment but also of no side effects. Other removal processes like laser are damaging to the skin tissue, resulting in scarring and possible skin cancer:

Hearing it straight from the founder of TattooRemoov, Linda Paradis.