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Starting Over is Easier Than You Think

Are you unhappy with the results of your permanent makeup? EverYou’s founder, Mariska, also had a bad experience with permanent makeup after visiting an inexperienced beauty salon. It resulted in change of colour, that “smudged” effect and embarrassment to leave her house. Having gone through the ordeal herself, she was determined to find a non-harmful method of permanent makeup removal and make it available to other women in South Africa. Which is why we have partnered with TattooRemoov – to bring this revolutionary pain-free method from France to you.

first ever 100% safe cosmetic makeup removal procedure

Some of our Permanent Makeup Removal

Using TattooRemoov’s miraculous technology, we have guaranteed success in removing permanent makeup from any area on the face; including eyebrows, lips and eyelids. The effects are immediately visible even after the first treatment, and best of all it is completely painless and free of side effects as the equipment we use does not penetrate the skin at all.

Please note: We remove cosmetic tattoos on eyebrows, lips and the top eyelids, to ensure your safety we do not remove permanent eyeliner from bottom eyelids. We specialise in permanent makeup removal, not body tattoo removal, but may be able to help you with the removal of small tattoos (no bigger than 5 x 8 cm). 

How TattooRemoov Works

We would like to introduce you to the first ever safe cosmetic tattoo removal procedure in South Africa. TattooRemoov is a revolutionary procedure, offering guaranteed results, with no pain and no side-effects! No use of laser, acid or saline (PH balance is 8.5).

We use a dermo power machine with patented needles (in Catridge88) that are designed to not penetrate the skin – it literally surfs on the surface! This is what ensures the procedure is completely pain-free.

Also, the procedure is completely non-harmful, unlike laser techniques which damage skin tissue. With TattooRemoov there is no danger of ink/pigment being broken down and released into the bloodstream which can be harmful to your health.

Mariska is a Qualified Permanent Make Up Removal Specialist. She specializes in the FIRST ever SAFE  cosmetic permanent makeup removal procedure in South Africa. She received hands-on 5th Masters by Linda Paradis the developer of the Dermo Power Machine and her patented product TATTOO REMOOV. Mariska is a not only a qualified practitioner, but also a trainer and the sole distributor of TattooRemoov products in the country. 

Why TattooRemoov is the Best Choice You Can Make

As the only completely non-invasive cosmetic tattoo removal technique, you are not only assured of a pain-free, effective treatment but also of no side effects. Other removal processes like laser are damaging to the skin tissue, resulting in scarring and possible skin cancer:

Hearing it straight from the founder of TattooRemoov, Linda Paradis.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are incredibly excited about this new technique that can finally remove unwanted permanent makeup finally safely and successfully, but understand that you may be unsure and have concerns. Here are answers to the questions you may have, and if you need more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

About the TattooRemoov technique

TATTOO REMOOV TM is an FDA regulated product and molecules FDA Approved. It is registered and accredited at legal and European regulatory bodies for safety and quality. (Certificates can be supplied on request). TATTOO REMOOV TM has a default PH skin value. The skin’s natural PH remains unchanged. There is no fibroblast destruction of the skin; which means no destruction of the connective tissue and no disturbance of collagen. The technique does not involve thermal waves as when using a laser technique. This ensures painless treatments and the results are guaranteed when taking multiple sessions and following the necessary aftercare.

The process used is similar to PMU (permanent makeup treatment). However, the needles do not penetrate the skin but surfs on top of it, we only work in the epidermis. TATTOO REMOOV has a beige/white colour and placed on the area needs to be treated by means of the Dermo Power Pen and a Needle 88. The TATTOO REMOOV liquid will gradually change colour. A greenish or other underlined colour of previous ink/pigments will move to the surface of the skin. This happens because the TATTOO REMOOV liquid is mixing with the pigment or ink and iron oxide contained in the pigment or ink that was previously used.

What will happen after the first treatment?

 A few hours after the treatment a wound fluid (natural plasma) forms a thin layer on the treated area. This will heal on its own – approximately 3 to 28 days. In these days please note that you must take the utmost of care to the area. Initially the ink or pigment will appear darker. This is a good sign because the pigment is surfacing to the top. We want the pigment out, not pushed back into your skin. This causes the ink/pigment to break up into smaller molecules which gets released into your bloodstream and can be harmful to your health.

PLEASE NOTE:  You should under no circumstances remove the scabs that form as this can have serious consequences and lead to scarring.

During the first consultation, I will establish if any keloids were formed on your skin. It should then first be treated by a medical doctor and a medical certificate should be provided stating that the procedure can be done on your skin.

Care after treatment

Due to wound fluids, minimal swelling might occur. Inflammation and in the treated area can also occur if the area is not cleaned properly you can cause some scarring. Take care of your skin. A product will be provided or suggested to properly clean the treated area. Be gentle with your skin. Do not cause any friction, do not rub or use any harsh action. It can cause serious damage to your skin. At the final stages of your skin healing, the skin may appear red or pink. This is not due to scarring. It is an indication that the skin is still not fully healed.

A repair gel for removal treatments should be used on a daily basis. With body tattoo removal, it is advisable to use a topical ointment (Fucidin). It is safe to shower the next day after treatment but take care of the treated area. Do not use any products that contains chemicals, salt solutions or coloured shower gels. If for some unforeseen reason the scab came loose, remove the scab and follow up with scar repair cream on eyebrows, lips or body.

How many sessions is needed for permanent make up to be removed?

The number of sessions depends entirely on the quality and quantity of the pigment or ink previously used, the depth of the pigment or ink, the age of the tattoo as well as the thickness thereof. It also depends on your specific skin type. Removing your permanent make up might take a few sessions. You need to be patient. Keep in mind that the technique used combined with the product in the correct way will ultimately guarantee a favourable result. With TATTOO REMOOV a specific number of treatments cannot be established beforehand as every permanent makeup application is different.

How long should I wait before the next treatment can be done?

Most permanent makeup removal sessions take approximately 28 days to heal. It is important to remember that some skin types will take longer to heal and is therefore advisable to wait between 4 to 6 weeks.