micro-needling & peels

for heavenly skin

Rejuvenate your Skin

We offer microneedling and natural chemical peels, for the visible rejuvenation of your skin. As the techniques promote the formation of collagen, they are ideal for the reduction of wrinkles, clearing up acne and scarring, so that you walk out with that youthful glow.


Natural Chemical Peels


Microneedling stimulates the flow of plasma to your skin, assisting with wrinkle, scarring and acne reductions. We use a numbing agent to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort. Recovery is very quick, with you not being able to wear makeup for just one day afterwards, and then you are good to go.

Reduces achne, scarring, wrinkles and much more

R1500 for your first 3 sessions

100% Natural Skin Peel

Our rejuvenating facial peels are ideal for that youthful glow and assisting in acne reduction. Best of all they are completely natural and made from fruit extracts and not made from synthetic chemicals which are harsh on one’s skin.

R500 - R650 per session