Lip Colour

Enhance your best asset - your lips

Using revolutionary technology from TattooRemoov in France, we apply the perfect shade of semi-permanent colour to your lips, for that stunning but natural look. No side effects, and no discolouration over time. Best of all, it is pain free!

Enhancing Lip Colour with IcyLips88

Available in a range of shades for the perfect match for any skin-tone.

Interested in enhancing your lips?

Have a look at the before and after to see the results for yourself:

Before After

Are you a beauty professional? 

Lightening Lip Colour with SnowyLips88

Through a pain-free, non-invasive technique, a pigment is applied to the lip area, which lightens natural lip colour even after the first application.

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How it Works

We utilise the patented TattooRemoov technology and Cartridge88 to apply this lip colour, or lip-lightening pigment, to our clients’ lips. It glides on the top layer of skin, ensuring that their is no pain or damage to the sensitive tissue.