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At EverYou we specialise in long-lasting, non-invasive aesthetics solutions, because we believe in results that truly last. 

Not only is our founder, Mariska, a specialist in the first ever safe cosmetic permanent makeup removal in the country, but we also offer a range of other world-class beauty solutions such as microneedling and semi-permanent makeup.

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Our treatments are pain-free and 100% safe, with no negative side-effects. Finally, world class techniques are available here in South Africa. Click on the type of treatment you are interested below to find out more.

Permanent Makeup Removal

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Semi-Permanent Lip Enhancement

Eyelash Extensions

Microneedling & Peels

Or are you a Beauty Professional?

We are the sole distributor of TattooRemoov products in South Africa, and the only official trainer. Explore our training sessions and online product store below.

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Mariska Smith is the founder of EverYou and has made sure that leading beauty technology is made available to South Africans, because she believes that everyone should be able to feel and look their best. We are also the sole distributors of Linda Paradis’ revolutionary TattooRemoov technology in the country.